Spring Bulbs for Schools: Bite-size numeracy

Spring Bulbs for Schools is a climate change investigation run by Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales.

School scientists across the UK plant bulbs in their school grounds and record observations to study climate change. They keep local weather records and record flowering dates to see how changes in weather patterns are affecting flowering in daffodil and crocus bulbs. The project has been running in Wales since 2005 and across the UK since 2012.

This year we are inviting schools to study this data for themselves! We are sharing a full data set and bite size numeracy quizzes that focus on understanding graphical data.



Learners are able to:

• Represent data using: lists, tally charts, tables, diagrams, frequency tables, bar charts, grouped data charts, line graphs and conversion graphs.

• Extract and interpret information from an increasing range of diagrams, timetables and graphs (including pie charts).

• Use mean, median, mode and range to describe a data set.

National Museum Cardiff

Booking information

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