eBook: Day Trips - Study leisure & holidays in Wales.

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eBook: Day Trips. A study of leisure & holidays in Wales.

eBook: Day Trips. A study of leisure & holidays in Wales.

Leisure & Holidays in Wales: past & present.

This resource offers learners the opportunity to explore why Wales is a popular day trip and holiday destination and look more closely at their own leisure time, making comparisons from past to present.

eBook: Day Trips. Leisure and holidays in Wales: past & present.

Teacher Resource to support the Day Trips eBook.

Study sources: 

Study leisure form the past by looking at postcards and posters, oral history, photographs and iconic paintings of Wales. Discover images of sunday school trips, work outings and Miner's fortnight - that show us how people used to relax. 

Key questions & Quiz:

Answer key questions and complete a quiz on the resources you discover.

  • Why do we go on day trips and holidays?
  • Is going on day trips good for our health and well-being?
  • Where do we like to go and what do we like to do on day trips? How do we feel when we go on day trips?
  • Have tourist attractions and leisure changed?



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