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Fixing the roof of the National Roman Legion Museum

We are fixing the Museum’s roof.

It is essential maintenance work which will enable us to keep the Museum’s doors open and protect the national Roman collections.

We hope to finish the work by October 2019 when we will re-open the Museum.

The Museum continues to deliver its formal learning provision, and since September has welcomed 12,035 school children to its Learning Sessions.

Phone 029 2057 3546 to book.

We also continue to work with partners in Caerleon to retain as much of a national museum provision and presence as possible.

What exactly is the work being undertaken?

Henstaff Construction are replacing the existing roof with a new one fit for purpose. They are also carrying out work on the air conditioning system and lighting.

Why is essential maintenance works so important?

We have to fix the roof to protect the national collections.

The National Roman Legion Museum researches, preserves and displays half a million objects from the Roman fortresses of Caerleon (Isca), Usk (Burrium) and their environs. It is an internationally important collection which provides evidence for life in two major Roman military bases, as well as life in civilian settlements that grew up around them.

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