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Research Requirements Board- RESEARCH GRANTS AWARDED

At its meeting of 16 October 2003, the Research Requirements Board and the Friends of NMGW were pleased to agree the first tranche of Research Grants as follows:

K. Lowry, R. Turnbull, S Decoux, B McIntyre (Art)
The painting techniques of Gwen and Augustus John from 1895-1939 Grant awarded: £2,500

B. Rowson (Biodiversity & Systematic Biology) Are there endemic snails on Zanzibar?
Grant awarded: £800

T. Darbyshire (Biodiversity & Systematic Biology) An Investigation of the phylogeny of spioniform polychaetes using 16S rDNA and mitochondrial COIII gene
Grant awarded: £3,000

M. Redknap (Archaeology & Numismatics) Identifying the people of early medieval Wales
Grant awarded: £2,000

The Board hopes to be in a position to offer further grants in 2004/5.

Eurwyn Wiliam
Chairman of the Research Requirements Board