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Sisters are doing it for themselves

National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff, Celebrates Welsh Women's History, October 2001

Contraception in the Roman age, Medieval age make-up tips, uncovering the real life experience of our great grandmothers…October marks Welsh Women's History Month at the National Museum & Gallery, Cardiff.

A host of activities dedicated to exploring Welsh women's lives throughout the ages for children and adults will be held in Glanely Gallery throughout the month. Creative writing workshops with Welsh poet Elin ap Hywel, perfume and soap making workshops, a preview of Merched y Wawr's project which has involved collecting and taping an oral archive of women's reminiscence and experiences over the last seventy years, and a chance to knapp your own flint as one of the earliest peoples would have done.

A lively limited edition Welsh women's magazine Mari Cler specially produced for Women's Month offers a humorous look at women's lives in Wales from Celtic times to today's twenty first century woman. Included are top tips on how to recreate the "minimal look" of the Iron Age , achieving the glossy locks and flushed cheeks of a Medieval Maiden and finding the perfect man.

"The purpose of the month is to promote and publicise Welsh women's history," said Nia Williams, Project Leader and History Officer, NMGW. "Throughout the month women from all over Wales will have the opportunity to discuss their lives and experiences. We will be working with an array of different organisations and community groups , for example Merched y Wawr and Mewn Cymru (Minority Ethnic Women's Network) to re-visit various aspects of Welsh Women's experiences both past and present."