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Frocks from rocks

THE microscopic wonders of nature are unearthed at the National Waterfront Museum as part of a new exhibition.


FORMATIONS: Amazing Magnified Minerals, which runs until April 6, should prove to be a real gem with a marvellous meeting of photography, geology and technology.

The results are spectacular colourful images taken from magnified slices of minerals. The stunning patterns, normally hidden from the naked eye, have been transferred onto materials and fabrics and include dresses (dubbed 'frocks from rocks'!), rugs, tiles and wall hangings.

The exhibition also looks at the formation of Welsh minerals and rocks, the capture of images and the advanced manufacturing processes that can transform them into materials for use in architecture and design.

Behind the exhibition is Cardiff University professor Richard Weston.

“The images that emerge when we scan at high resolution are incredible,” said Professor Weston: “Many look like works of art, and all have remained hidden for millennia - only revealed now thanks to digital technology.”



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