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Talk on roman weapons and tools at Caerleon's National Roman Legion Museum

The Roman Smith and his role with the Roman Army will be discussed in a public lecture at the National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon on Sunday 23 September at 2pm. Tickets are £3.50 but must be booked in advance by phoning 029 20573550.


The lecture will be presented by Professor William Manning, Emeritus Professor of Roman Archaeology at Cardiff University, who is Britain’s top expert in Roman iron weapons and tools.

Blacksmithing is an ancient trade, and yet many of the tools that a blacksmith used haven’t changed and are still used today. Blacksmithing was even considered to be supernatural! Professor Manning will discuss how the armour and weapons played a major part in the success of the Roman army and look at the great range of tools and equipment available to the blacksmith. 

Victoria Le Poidevin, Events Officer at National Roman Legion Museum, said, ‘We are delighted that Professor Manning has accepted our invitation to come and deliver our annual lecture on the birthday of the Second Augustan Legion. It’s a fascinating subject as the role of the blacksmith was central to the Roman army and the Museum has the armour and weapons that would have been made in Caerleon 2,000 years ago.”

Tickets are £3.50 but must be booked in advance by phoning 029 20573550.