Press Releases


Today, 13th August, the National Museums & Galleries of Wales (NMGW) reaffirmed its commitment to improve its facilities at the Welsh Slate Museum, after confirming how a £3.5 million grant from the Welsh Assembly Government is to be spent.

The grant will allow the Museum's wide ranging collections to be housed in better conditions, including those held at Llanberis' Welsh Slate Museum, where the nationally-important collection of wooden patterns used to create machinery parts for the slate industry will be re-housed. The work will also address recommendations made in the National Audit Office's recent report on the Museum's collections management strategy. In addition, the grant will allow NMGW to further develop its partnership work across Wales.

Whilst the main funding for this work has come from the Welsh Assembly Government, NMGW continues to seek private and wider public sector funding to finalise the financial package for the scheme, which will cost approximately £5 million in total.

"We are delighted to announce our exciting plans for developing and improving our collections facilities at NMGW," said Michael Houlihan, the Museum