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Charles Darwin — from naturalist to a natural scientist

Evening Lecture at National Museum Cardiff by the man who founded the Darwin Centre in Wales

‘Five years on HMS Beagle changed his life, and all of ours too, in a remarkable way.' Professor Anthony K Campbell

On Wednesday, 1 July 2009 Professor Anthony K Campbell, Scientific Director of the Darwin Centre, Pembrokeshire will share his ideas on how Charles Darwin became the most famous biological scientists of all time.

Held at National Museum Cardiff's Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre at 6:30pm, the lecture by the Professor in Medical Biochemistry at Cardiff University will focus on the relevance of Darwin's concept of Natural Selection today and how it transformed biology and medicine.

"The Beagle voyage transformed Darwin from an outstanding naturalist into a brilliant natural scientist," said Professor Campbell. "I will explore how his powers of observation, using of all the senses, led to his revolutionary idea. I will also show why we all need the skills of a naturalist, whatever our profession."

Entry to the lecture by the Professor - an internationally acclaimed natural scientist - is free thanks to the support of the Welsh Assembly Government.

The lecture is one of a series of talks by the professor this year to celebrate 200 years of Charles Darwin.

National Museum Cardiff is one of Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales' seven national museums. The others are St Fagans: National History Museum, the National Roman Legion Museum, Big Pit: National Coal Museum, the National Wool Museum, the National Slate Museum and the National Waterfront Museum.


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