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Amateur Radio Weekend

If you've ever fancied knowing more about Amateur Radio then the Welsh Slate Museum Llanberis is the place to visit next weekend when members of the 2279 Wrexham ATC Radio Club and other Air Cadets from North Wales set up an amateur radio station at the Museum.

The event is part of an international activity weekend, and Club members will "tune in" to speak to other radio enthusiasts at other museums throughout the UK.

Mr Ian Wright, Squadron officer at the 2279 Wrexham ATC Squadron explains further:

"We're presenting modern amateur radio to members of the public, helping to shed the stuffy anorak image that is sometimes associated with amateur radio. What better place to do this than in the very public and well visited areas of the many museums around the country and the world?"

"After the event the cadets will follow up any contacts made during the weekend and create a postcard and website, work which will go towards their gaining a Duke of Edinburgh award."

Welsh Slate Museum, Llanberis
19-20 June

For more information contact Mr Ian Wright on 07775 734 837
by email on or
or visit the squadron website
Or the general website