Staff: Dr. Steve Burrow

The period 3000-1500 BC saw massive changes across Wales. During this period Wales ended a millennium-old tradition of tomb building but started the construction of some of the largest timber structures in Britain. Excavations began at what were to become the most extensive prehistoric mines in the world, and people started to commemorate their dead on a scale not to be matched again until the erection of war memorials in the wake of the world wars of the twentieth century.

This project draws together the available evidence base for these momentous developments through a review of the published literature (over 1,300 sources read and noted), the production of a validated radiocarbon database for the period (over 2,500 volumes consulted and 1,000 dates collected), and extensive site visits. The results will be published as a follow-up to the author's award winning book The Tomb Builders in Wales 4000-3000 BC, and through research papers.