Staff: Adam Gwilt [with Sally Worrell (Finds Co-ordinator, Portable Antiquities Scheme) and Trevor Cowie (National Museums of Scotland)]

After ten years of the successful operation of the Treasure Act 1996 and the Portable Antiquities Scheme for England and Wales, there is now a considerable resource of artefact records of Bronze Age date. These comprise over 3000 artefacts, 100 treasure cases from England and Wales and a further 50-100 from Scotland. However, many of these new discoveries are poorly known in the published literature, while their potential for understanding the British Bronze Age has not been explored.

The broad patterning of these artefacts will be investigated through space and time and their implications for current understanding will be discussed. This will require an enhanced artefact database, checking and improving PAS identifications, allocating date brackets and presenting distributions in a GIS based map format. Case studies and trends will be presented, in order to raise the profile of the potential of this new information. It is hoped that publication will act as a conduit to encourage the wider archaeological community to make use of this wealth of artefactual evidence, within broader synthesis and narratives of the British Bronze Age.