Staff: Graham Oliver & Anna Holmes

The taxonomy of the marine bivalves of the Indian Ocean remains largely unresolved with numerous new species and revisions requiring study. Taxonomic tools are fragmentary and where available require updating. We have a lengthy history of involvement with major publications on the Red Sea, Eastern Arabian Sea, Seychelles and Rodrigues. Our current target is a paper on the bivalves from the Oman Oxygen Minimum Zone destined for the Jorgen Knudsen Symposium Volume.

Our publishers (Conch Books, Wiesbaden) tell us that a new edition of our Red Sea book is needed but we are aware that a guide to all bivalves from the western Indian Ocean would be of greater value. We would wish to follow the format set for the British Bivalvia project and develop a web-based tool. This next thrust of research will follow completion of the British Bivalve project but in the meantime we will be seeking partners and funding. This collecting programme is linked to the "Explorations of Marine Biodiversity" programme.