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121 August 2014, Monday - Saturday 11am – 4pm, Sunday 2-4pm.
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Meet our Roman cook, doctor and soldier to find out more about life in Roman times.


Roman food is always a source of fascination! People have heard about some of the gruesome morsels the Romans would eat during banquets – from sea urchins to sow’s udders. Then there’s the slightly unusual such as snails or dormice, but these types of foods would have been just as alien to the majority of Romans as they are to us.


Many poor Romans survived off a diet of grain, maybe spelt or emmer. They would make it into porridge or bread. This was supplemented by vegetables, always in season, and sometimes if you could afford it or catch it, meat. Although starvation wasn’t always a problem, people were often hungry especially during the winter and early spring when there wasn’t a lot of food around.


A far cry from the image that some have of the Romans as gluttonous party goers, lounging about on dining couches!


Roman medicine is equally as interesting; coming up with ideas that were around until only a couple of hundred years ago! Medical care depended on where you lived and how rich you were – sound familiar?


Rich Romans could have their own doctor, whereas the poor, especially if they lived out in the sticks like Roman Britain, would have to go to local wise women or quack doctors.


In Roman times you didn’t need to study to be a doctor, all you needed was to stick a sign above your door.


From surgical instruments to herbs, our doctor will explain it all.


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