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Gwalia Tipples Hamper

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Gwalia Tipples Hamper

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Penderyn 5cl: the miniature of Penderyn’s Madeira finish. This single malt is aged in a Madeira wine cask to enhance the whisky’s perfumed notes with heightened sweetness.

Seaweed Gin 5cl: Da Mhile’s more eclectic addition to their range. Any gin lover would be remiss to avoid this special edition gin, which is enhanced by surprising sultry notes of Da Mhile’s closest shoreline bounty.

Orange Liqueur 5cl: an amber concoction of Da Mhile’s innovation. This intermixture of citrus sediment in this bracing liqueur aged in oak casks is an excellent balance of two distinct flavours.

Toffoc 5cl: an excellent blend of Vodka and Toffee flavourings, Toffoc have produced a delectable fusion of triple distilled vodka, for traditional purity, with a not too overpowering sweetness of toffee. Providing the best of both worlds.

Merlyn 5cl: Merlyn cream liqueur is a fresh take on a traditional classic.

Shwmae Butt: a dark porter of Cwm Rhondda Ales’ creation, Shwmae Butt is the witty name of this refreshing and welcoming beverage.

Pit Head: Cwm Rhondda Ales’ Pit Head is part of a tradition of golden ales enjoyed all over Wales, not just by miners of the South Wales coal field.

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