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Saving St Teilo's: bringing a medieval church to life

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St Teilos cover

Saving St Teilo's: bringing a medieval church to life

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The story of this humble yet historic church. Beginning in medieval times, the book takes us through periods of conflict, restoration and abandonment to today's splendid and much-loved building.

Saving St Teilo's explores the meticulous process of dismantling and recording the church's remains and the re-creation of the vivid place of worship it once was.

Every part of the building, from the huge oak trusses to the delicate window panes, from the colourful carvings to the breathtaking wall paintings, has been saved - or lovingly re-created. All is revealed in this richly illustrated and eminently readable volume.

"...this book does full justice, featuring page after page of top-quality photography..."

Current Archaeology

Gerallt Nash’s book conveys a spirit rarely found in museum publications – pride and joy, craftsmanship and passion, a genuine sense of adventure and achievement. It makes the reader not just want to see St Teilo’s, but also to wish that they had rolled up their sleeves and lent a hand in its rescue. (Roger Rosewell, ed.,

Author: Gerallt Nash (ed.)
Published: 2009
ISBN: 978 07200 0598 1
Binding: Paperback
No. pages: 144
Language: English
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