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Canvas Shopping Bag

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Cream canvas bag

Canvas Shopping Bag

Availability In stock!

Cream canvas bag (approx 50cm x 37.5cm) with long black handles. Circles design is printed on both sides of the bag, and features the Welsh words 'Cwtsh' and 'Cariad'.

If you love to shop, this funky canvas shopping bag is for you. It's light weight means it can be easily folded, so you'll always be ready for a spur of the moment shopping spree.

'Cariad' is the Welsh word for love, and is often used as a term of endearment by both Welsh and English speakers in Wales.

'Cwtsh' (or 'Cwtch') was recently voted as Wales's favourite word, and has two meanings - a cubbyhole, or (more popularly) a cuddle or a hug.



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