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Discovered in Time: treasures from early Wales

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Discovered in Time

Discovered in Time: treasures from early Wales

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Here are seventy iconic objects; together they trace the story of a people and of the land we now call Wales. The range sweeps from the teeth of a Neanderthal child to a magnificent mount with the arms of Owain Glyn Dŵr. Each object is beautifully illustrated and comes with a detailed description of its significance, what it teaches us and the part it plays in history.

This handsome volume also reveals the fascinating process by which historians and archaeologists take the thousands of different objects in a national collection and, from them, build the narrative that is our national – and personal – story.

With over a hundred colour illustrations, including imaginative reconstruction drawings and a map showing where each object was found.

...a handsome paperback packed with page after page of close-up photography with expert commentaries on each of the objects...

Salon, Society of Antiquaries

Author: Ed. Dr Mark Redknap
Published: 2011
ISBN: 9780720006049
Binding: Paperback
No. pages: 164
Language: English
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