Tom Cotterell

Contact Details

Tom Cotterell
Mineralogy & Petrology
National Museum Cardiff

Cathays Park
CF10 3NP

Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3361

Staff Name

Tom Cotterell

Job Title

Senior Curator: Mineralogy & Petrology (Mineralogy)

Areas of Responsibility:

Mineral collection: in particular ores and secondary minerals. Mineralogy of Wales website content.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

BSc. Joint Hons Geography/Geology (Aberystwyth); MSc. Mining Geology and MCSM (Camborne School of Mines/Exeter); CSci. (Mineralogical Society);

President of the Russell Society (2013-present);

Fieldtrip co-ordinator for the Wales and West Branch of the Russell Society (2004-2015);

Secretary for the Wales and West Branch of the Russell Society (2015-present);

Memberships: Mineralogical Society; Russell Society; British Micromount Society; Welsh Mines Society.

Research Interests

History of mineral collecting in Britain with a particular emphasis on 18th and 19th century collectors; British topographic mineralogy; manganese mineralization in Wales; the history of metal mining in Wales; mineral analysis (in particular X-ray diffraction).


Mineralogy; manganese; analytical techniques; XRD; mining.


Selected Publications

Cotterell, T.F. & Rumsey, M.S. 2014. Supergene manganese mineralisation and Gyrn Ddu and Bwlch Mawr, Clynnog-Fawr, Caernarfon, Gwynedd, Wales. Journal of the Russell Society, 17,17-23.

Cotterell, T.F. & Hubbard, N. 2013. Franklinphilite in veinlets in the Lower Cambrian manganese ore bed, Harlech, Wales. Journal of the Russell Society, 16, 51-59.

Zuykov, M., Pelletier, E., Anderson, J., Cotterell, T.F., Belzile, C., & Demers, S. 2012. In vitro growth of calcium carbonate crystals on bivalve shells: Application of two methods of synthesis. Materials Science and Engineering C, 32, 1158-1163.

Cotterell, T.F., Young, B. & Starkey, R.E. 2012 Plumbogummite from Upper Teesdale, Northern Pennines, UK. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 59(2), 133-136.

Cotterell, T.F. & Tayler, R. 2012. Epidote-(Sr) and piemontite-(Sr): two minerals new to Britain from Benallt mine, Pen Llŷn, Gwynedd, Wales. UK Journal of Mines and Minerals. 33, 39-42.

Plant, S.P., Cotterell, T.F. & Starkey, R.E. 2011. Anglesite from the type locality Parys Mountain, Anglesey, Wales. The Mineralogical Record, 42, 345-384.

Cotterell, T.F., Green, D.I., Hubbard, N., Mason, J.S., Starkey, R.E. & Tindle, A.G. 2011. The Mineralogy of Dolyhir Quarry, Old Radnor, Powys, Wales. UK Journal of Mines and Minerals, 32, 5-61.

Valentine, A., Cotterell, T. 2008. Project to Investigate the Environmental Conditions Required for the Initiation of Pyrite Decay. ICOM Natural History Collections Working Group Newsletter No. 16.