The Ewenny kiln


By the 18th century there were as many as fifteen potteries operating in the Ewenny area. This kiln was first built about 1800, but was converted in about 1900 from an open-top type to its present appearance. The adjoining pottery shed is a reproduction based on a building surviving in its original location. The potteries mostly produced useful items for farm dairies and kitchens, such as milk pans, churns, bowls, chamber pots and other utensils. In addition there were slip-decorated wares for gifts and keepsakes such as money boxes and puzzle jugs. By the end of the 19th century, production of domestic ware had ceased because of competition from cheap mass-produced goods. Decorated wares kept some of the potteries going, although only two survive today.


Building facts:

  • Original Location: Ewenny, Glamorgan
  • Date originally built: c.1800
  • Dismantled and moved to St Fagans: 1980
  • Date opened to the public: 1988
  • Visiting information