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Course: The 1920s: The Jazz Age, Revolutions and Flappers

National Waterfront Museum
Every Monday, 2pm-4pm
Cost £30pp
Suitability Adults
Booking Enrolment will take place at the start of the first class.

A 10-week course looking at the post WWI world and its revolutions – both political and cultural. £30pp.

This 10-week course looks at the post-war world in Britain, Europe, USA and the Soviet Union. The end of the First World War ushered in a period of great change and trauma throughout the world. It saw the end of many European monarchies, great changes in the status and lives of women especially in the USA and Europe. Demands for more social equality swept through Europe. As well as sexual and political revolutions there were revolutions in literature and art; in popular culture, too, the cinema transformed ideas and cultures. The decade divided societies into warring camps: those who wished to ‘go back’ to the pre-war world and those determined to build a new one.

Set in a relaxed and friendly environment that promotes debate and discussion, with no essays or accreditation.

Course Tutor – Anthea Symonds


For further information please contact the course manager, Colin James, on 07971 665594. Enrolment will take place at the start of the first class. 


Organised by Historical Association, Swansea Branch.

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