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Digital Event: In Conversation: David Olusoga & SSAP

From 19 November 2020, 7:30 - 8:30 PM
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The killing of George Floyd has sparked a multitude of racial justice movements across the globe which has found expression in the revived Black Lives Matter movement.

The movement has reignited the issue of Britain’s historical legacies of slavery, colonialism and imperialism and has been subject to much debate and reflective comment in popular media.


In this event, the Sub Sahara Advisory Panel (SSAP) and historian David Olusoga will discuss how this period in British and Welsh history has been considered, what kind of collective memory has developed, and the impact of such memories on framing our national identity and constructing a distorted and incomplete national story. As statues are labelled controversial and public monuments are being removed: it is clear that Britons are deconstructing and reconstructing national stories. As Britain and Wales continue to reckon with a dark and painful past, this event will debate the proper way in which it should be represented and commemorated. This raises serious questions regarding the role of historical and cultural institutions and how they can be both creative and oppressive social forces; the people and voices who have been commonly excluded; and the possibility of inclusivity and diversity in the retelling of British and Welsh history.

As new and old expressions of national identity dominate the public imagination and Britain faces another period of uncertainty regarding its meaning: this event will reflect on how Britain and Wales are remaking themselves once again and ask whether if, in its remaking, a new and appropriate national narrative, identity and culture will emerge.


Important Information:

- The event will take place via zoom. More information on joining the zoom webinar will be available prior to the event.

- Tickets are limited and will need to be booked in advance.


Tickets available from October 28th




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David Olusoga

David Olusoga is a British-Nigerian historian, broadcaster and film-maker.

His most recent TV series include Empire (BBC 2), Black and British: A Forgotten History (BBC 2), The World’s War (BBC 2), 3 seasons of A House Through Time (BBC 2) and the BAFTA winning Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners (BBC 2).

David is also the author of Black & British: A Forgotten History which was awarded both the Longman-History Today Trustees Award and the PEN Hessell-Tiltman Prize. His other books include The World’s War, which won First World War Book of the Year in 2015, The Kaiser’s Holocaust: Germany’s Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism and Civilizations: Encounters and the Cult of Progress.

David was also a contributor to the Oxford Companion to Black British History and writes for The Guardian and is a columnist for The Observer and BBC History Magazine. He is also one of the three presenters on the BBC's landmark Arts series Civilizations. David's latest book Black & British: A Short, Essential History, is in the current bestsellers list.



“Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel was formed in 2009 when a number of African diaspora groups in Wales met to consider how they might collectively advance their common interest in local and International Development. We are not an organisation representing African Diaspora communities in Wales but one that seeks to utilise skills, capacity and knowledge found within Welsh African diaspora communities for the benefit of all. We want to bring our lived experiences and provide reality check to the charity sector as well as advocating for diaspora for development. We do this by implementing development initiatives in Wales and across Sub-Saharan Africa.” 

 SSAP Youth Leadership Network (SLYN) is the youth wing of SSAP. It is youth-led network made up of young people from the African community in Wales and those coming to study. The network acts as a peer support system for young people in the community, they implement  their own projects and address issue that are pertinent to them. 


Umulkhayr Mohamed

Umulkhayr Mohamed (she/her) is a Welsh Somali artist, writer and curator, who is currently an Amgueddfa Cymru Producer at AC-National Museum Wales. In her role at AC-NMW Umulkhayr is a part of the core creative team working on an exhibition that imagines the future of Wales. In addition to this, she is the guest editor for the first edition of Cynfas, a new Interactive Arts Magazine that launched this October. She is also the curation lead of Lates: PITCH BLACK, a collaboration between AC-National Museum Cardiff and Artes Mundi that will be a multi-artform celebration of Blackness as boundless and infinite.


O’Molemo Thamae

I’m a photographer and filmmaker, scientist by training, and activist. I founded Omnegus Media in 2017 and have worked with businesses, social enterprises and initiatives across industries creating films and capturing photos alongside since.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside organisations that align with my principles which has continued to provide creative opportunities, working with artists and on occasion, David Olusoga.

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