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Digital Event: Museum Talks: History of the Vulcan Hotel | English

24 June 2021, 19:00
Cost Pay What You Can - Suggested Donation: £5
Suitability All
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The Vulcan Hotel from Cardiff’s Adamsdown area is our latest, and highly anticipated, rebuilding project.

From the 1850s it served the mainly Irish community of what was then called Newtown. It was the overcrowded but well-loved home of dock and warehouse workers.

After Newtown was condemned as a slum in the 1930s, and finally demolished in the 1960’s, The Vulcan slowly regained its feet in the 1990s and became an iconic venue popular amongst Cardiff’s students, musicians and rugby fans alike.

Recent research into the pub has revealed its fascinating history through a period which saw Cardiff’s population and fortunes soar, while its own ebbed and flowed. After an impassioned campaign to save it, it finally closed in 2012.

Now it awaits reopening in its new home.

This talk will be delivered in English.

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