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Digital Event: Museum Talks: Dinosaurs & Deserts in Wales | English

16 September 2021, 6pm
Cost Pay What You Can - Suggested Donation: £5
Suitability All
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220 million years ago, Wales was covered by deserts and inhabited by dinosaurs.

The Triassic rocks of Glamorgan preserve the footprints these dinosaurs and other reptiles left behind. As dinosaurs diversified from these early forms they also had to contend with rising sea-levels, climate change and a major extinction event.

Recent finds in Wales include a stunning new footprint from 220 million years ago, and also the skeleton of a meat-eating dinosaur from 200 million years ago.

This talk will illustrate the origins of dinosaurs and their discoveries in Wales, allowing us to piece together the story of those important 20 million years from the late Triassic into the Jurassic Period, when dinosaurs were diversifying.

This talk will be delivered in the curator's first language: English

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