7-8 September 2024


Amgueddfa Cymru welcomes everyone, and we have a range of services available to make your visit enjoyable. 

We are working hard to make our public events inclusive and accessible for all. Here’s a handy guide of what you can expect to help you plan ahead.  



  • Amgueddfa Cymru Food Festival is an outdoor event held at St Fagans National Museum of History. 
  • Wheelchair access is possible to most parts of the site. However, due to the historic nature of some of the buildings, some access may be difficult.  
  • Most paths around the Museum are smooth tarmac or concrete. Please be aware that some areas of the festival are on grassy areas and the ground is quite uneven in places. There are gravel and woodchip paths linking some areas of the festival. 
  • All the traders and food stalls have flat areas in front of their counters. 
  • The terrain on the Castle side of the Museum is steep in places and may prove difficult for some wheelchair users and their helpers. A map clearly displaying a suggested path for wheelchair users, and identifying steep gradients, is available. 
  • It is important to be aware that during inclement weather, some parts of the site may be muddy, water-logged or dusty, and may be difficult to navigate around. 


  • Please be aware that there will be a lot of walking at St Fagans. Chairs are allowed into the festival. 
  • The main festival areas are a 580m walk from the Main Building entrance. 
  • The stages, activity spaces, bars and food & drink stalls are positioned relatively close to one another. 


  • Wheelchairs are available on request, free of charge and provided on a first come first served basis. Ask a member of staff at the Main Building reception desk for details.


We strongly advise planning your journey in advance. Please refer to the Museum’s travel webpage for more information. 


Please note: 

  • Designated disabled bays for blue badge holders are in front of the Main Building.
  • Parking spaces available for blue badge holders are limited. The car park will be busy, and you may need to queue for a space.
  • The overflow parking area will also be in use for this event. If you are a blue badge holder or have general accessibility issues, please explain to the parking attendant on arrival that you require accessible parking. You will then be directed nearer to the Main Building entrance. 


  • An interpreting service will be available at the event. This service will be provided by fully qualified interpreters and some training interpreters / Communication Support Workers.
  • Roaming interpreters are available at the event to guide D/deaf visitors around the festival, attend workshops with them, and to help with ordering food & drink. Roaming interpreters can be booked on the day from the Event Information Point in the Main Building. 
  • Some activities & performances will be delivered by deaf facilitators & performers. More information can be found on the Food Festival website. 
  • There will be a space in the main building where the D/deaf community can meet up to socialise and find out what’s happening around the festival. Please speak to a member of Museum staff or Event Stewards at the Event Information Point who will be able to direct you to this area. 


  • Hearing loops are installed at the Main Entrance reception desk. 

  • Accessible toilets are available at the Main Entrance, Gweithdy, adjacent to the Rhyd-y-car cottages and in the Castle Yard.
  • There are two Changing Places facilities available including one with an electronic bed and hoist. Please bring your own hoist sling. There is adequate space in the Changing Places for the person who needs it and up to 3 carers. Ask a member of staff for details. 

  • There are over 70 food & drink stalls at the Food Festival. The Museum’s café, shop and restaurant will also be open. These areas will be busy and you may have to queue for food & drink. Visitors can bring their own food & drink to the event. 
  • Most of the food & drink stalls can take card payments. 
  • Drinking water points are available across the festival site and are clearly marked on the event map. These are low enough for visitors in wheelchairs and scooters. Our aim is to reduce waste and single-use plastic at the event. Therefore, we encourage visitors to bring reusable water bottles and fill them regularly during your visit. 


  • There are 2 Event Information Points and these are clearly marked on the event map. 

1) In the Main Building near the entrance 

2) In the Food Market Marquee in Tannery Field 

  • Event Stewards located at both Event Information Points have been briefed to offer information, help and support. They are clearly identifiable by their high visibility jackets. 


  • First Aid is available to everyone throughout the event. If you are unwell or require assistance:
    • Go to any of the historic buildings and draw attention of the member of staff
    • Or if you are able, go to the St John Ambulance Cymru point located at Cilewent Field 


  • As well as the 2 Event Information Points, Security and Event Stewards are on hand across the festival site. They have been briefed to offer information, help and support. They are clearly identifiable by their high visibility jackets. 
  • The Museum’s Front of House Team will be located across site and inside most historic buildings. Their uniform is red or black polo shirts, and they can also be identified by their ID badges. 


  • There will be effect lighting on the music stages and other areas of the festival, with haze & smoke machines in use to make the lights visible during the day. 
  • Strobe lighting will not be used but lights that have the ability to flash at high frequency will be used on our stages. Programming of the lighting will ensure the flash rate remains below 4 flashes per second and only at brief intervals. 
  • No lasers or fireworks will be in use at this event. 
  • Please contact us or speak to a member of staff on the day if you require more information. 


  • We are expecting 12,000–15,000 visitors a day to this event therefore it will be busy. The busiest time is between 11am and 2pm. If you would prefer to avoid large crowds, we advise you to visit outside of these hours.  
  • We have a dedicated Quiet Area in the Main Building for visitors with disabilities requiring a peaceful resting space to relax and enjoy their food away from the hustle and bustle of the festival. 
  • Please speak to a member of Museum staff or Event Stewards at the Event Information Point who will be able to direct you to this Quiet Area. 


  • St Fagans National Museum of History is happy to welcome trained assistance dogs, but we do not allow any other animals into the galleries, historic houses or the cafes. 
  • Water bowls are provided at the entrance and by the cafes.
  • ‘Pooper-scoopers’ are available on entering the Museum with bags and dog waste bins also located around site. We appreciate your co-operation in keeping the Museum clean and safe. 

We always welcome feedback on any access issues or topics. Contact us and tell us what you need to enjoy your visit and we’ll do our best to help. 

Email: events@museumwales.ac.uk 

Post: St Fagans National Museum of History, Cardiff CF5 6XB 

Phone: 0300 111 2 333 

Office opening times are 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. 

Please note: we aim to respond to all email enquiries within 2 working days, however this may take longer during busy times.