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Coastal Hamper

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Coastal Hamper

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Ship’s Biscuits: The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company still produce this sailor’s staple, but have also given their own spin to this crunchy cracker by baking and topping their ship’s biscuits with laver and dulse seaweeds along with Halen Mon sea salt. They have revived the notoriously difficult to consume meal, into a hearty but scrumptious snack for the modern mariner.

Famous Five salts: Halen Mon, of the Anglesey Sea Salt Co., are renowned for their forays into new and interesting flavours. Here are five of their finest varieties of sea salt for anyone curious to try!

Dylan’s Celtic Mussel Sauce: a tomato and red pepper sauce mixed with garlic and chilli. This sauce is appropriately titled, conjuring up a heat reminiscent of dangerous dragons that linger in Welsh folklore.

Mor Seasoning: Captain Cat’s Mor seasoning is an excellent rub for any maritime meal. Combining traditional nautical flavours from ships of ages past, the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co. have created a spice rub suitable for all tastes.

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