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Siop Losin Hamper

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Siop Losin Hamper

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Lossin Dant tin: Brays Sweets have been hand making sweets in South Wales since 1867. As part of their delicious repertoire, Lossin Dant are a minty delicacy that has been relished across the generations.

Sugared Almonds: Previously enjoyed by older generations, this sweet stocking filler can now be enjoyed by the newer ones too!

Abbotts Kitchen: Handmade by the monks of Caldey Island just off the shore of Tenby, these chocolate bars are a smooth and delicious delight.

Coconut Ice: a wonderful coconut treat, succulent and as icy as the weather.

Nougat: a traditional favourite and a regular of any seaside town, nougat is a robust yet devilishly delectable treat no matter how far from the sea you are!

Coco Pzazz, Peppermint: The intrepid chocolatiers at Coco Pzazz have given their take on this after dinner dessert. Dainty dark chocolate buttons mixed with peppermint are a melt-in-your-mouth desire. Vegan.

Coco Pzazz, Orange: with the addition of spiced orange and a hint of saltiness, these chocolate buttons are a superb addition to the festive season with its spicy warmth and rich orange torte. Vegan.

Coco Pzazz, Coco Espresso: The folks at Coco Pzazz understand that some prefer eating chocolate buttons with their morning coffee. To cater to this, coco espresso is a dark chocolate pick me up with espresso coffee beans, for that discrete but delicious morning wake up.

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