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Dippy: the tale of a museum icon

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Dippy: the tale of a museum icon

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Meet Dippy one of the world's most famous dinosaur replicas.  At 26 metres long and over 100 years ols, Dippy the Diplodocus has fascinated and enthralled visitors since it was first revealed to an astonished public at the Natural History Museum in London in 1905.  The story of how Dippy came to the Museum is one that involves danger and advennture in the harsh environment of the American Wild West, the generosity of an essentic millionaire and the involvement of the British royal family.

With details of key fossil finds and the latest research on Diplodocus anatomy and behaviour, Dippy: the tale of a museum icon is both an engaging story of discovery and a guide to one of the longest land animals ever to walk the Earth.

Author: Paul Barrett, Polly Parry & Sandra Chapman
Published: 2000
ISBN: 9780565092597
Language: English
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