Editorial: Art and Music

By Emma Daman Thomas

What do I know about Art and Music… I can’t be entirely sure where one begins and the other ends. I know that one has a World and another has an Industry. This means you are supposed to sell one, and the other, I guess, is supposed to surround us like a miasma. I know we’re supposed to enjoy one, and if we don’t it means it may well have turned into the other (uh oh). I know that Art used to belong in rich people’s houses and in Museums which were based on Collections of things from rich people’s houses. I know that Music, until quite recently, until it began to be recorded, was not something you bought but rather something you did.

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Snowdonia, Wales 1989

By Sweet Baboo


By Madame Ceski

O Fargam i Valletta

By Francesca Dimech

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