GRAFT courtyard garden project at National Waterfront Museum

The GRAFT garden project is a collaborative project between 14-18 Now, lead artist Owen Griffiths and the National Waterfront Museum. Stage one lasted from January to September 2018 tying in with the Now The Hero theatre performance. The project was to shape the garden courtyard which is within the museum and can be seen through windows in most of the galleries.

It is built in collaboration with many community groups from West Cross Day care to returning learners from the disadvantaged and former Communities first areas of the city. There are old and young working alongside one another to learn new skills such as woodwork, metal work and growing skills with those who want them gaining qualifications. All involved are volunteers and work every Friday forming new friendships and gaining in confidence. Some had never been to the museum before and many had not worked using hands on skills.

The garden is a sustainable, organic growing environment, creating an edible landscape to encourage participation and conversation, producing vegetables, fruits and herbs that are donated to many groups throughout the area who provide food for those in need such as Matts House, Ogof Adullam and the Swansea refugee drop in centre.

"Graft itself, is a story, about beauty, about enhancing the charm of Swansea, about connections through team work and friendship, about giving with a happy heart, not for a moment or a season, but creating a legacy for the community."

Anca Polgar, GRAFT volunteer