Appendix 5: Leaders/Teachers Responsibilities While Visiting the Museum

We wish to ensure that children, young people and vulnerable adults are protected from harm while visiting our museums. In addition to our responsibilities, we ask that leaders/teachers of groups exercise their own responsibilities.

In particular all leaders/teachers should:                               

  • book workshop activities and visits in advance of their visit
  • ensure they supervise the children/young people in their care at all times
  • in the case of an accident, contact a member of staff who will follow our Staff Emergency Procedures
  • in the case of a lost child, contact a member of staff who will follow procedures
  • not have in their possession, or consume, alcoholic beverages, or use illegal drugs or smoke on our premises
  • not verbally or physically abuse a child/young person
  • ensure adequate insurance cover for the group and leader
  • inform their group re expected behaviour while at our museums     
  • be considerate of other visitors and groups visiting the museums
  • observe our Fire Precaution Procedures.

We wish to remind all leaders/teachers that the primary responsibility for the welfare of the children in their care rests with them at all times.

We will communicate concerns to the leader/teacher (unless this person is the source of concern) and follow this up with the school/organization.

Concerns about the conduct of the leader/teacher will be reported directly to the school/organization and possibly the police.

Due to the size and nature of each site, we have recommended adult-to-child ratios for each which should be adhered to for health and safety reasons. These can be found on our website.