Effective STEM Engagement

National Museum Cardiff

National Museum Cardiff

Saturday 19th November 2016

10:00am - 2:30 pm

Inspirational lectures and workshops for Primary & Secondary teachers that aim to address the new science and technology curriculum.

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Dates: Saturday 19th November 2016
Cost: Led by Museum staff – free of charge.
Free Self-led

Learning Resource Treasures; Adventures in Archaeology

National Museum Cardiff

This resource has been written to help teachers plan a successful visit, with suggestions for pre-visit activities, ideas whilst at the exhibition and suggestions of things to do back in the classroom.

Treasures: Adventures in Archaeology is an exhibition which is an exciting journey of adventure and discovery. Looking at the workand stories of some of the world’s most famous and adventurous archaeologists and their finds, we can explore the history and science of archaeology and its’ portrayal in popular culture.

Duration: 30 minutes
Dates: Jan 26th-October 2016
Cost: Free of charge as is a self-led session.
Free In school

William Smith Exhibition - A Level Geology Challenge

National Museum Cardiff

This resource for A Level was written to support the William Smith Maps exhibition at National Museum Cardiff. The exhibition has now moved to Oriel Y Parc. The resource can also be used in the classroom, by accessing the maps online at


Cost: For use in school - free of charge.