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Bala, Gwynedd

Miss Gretta Jones, Parc, Bala pouring the toffee

The Recipe

You will need

  • two pounds black treacle
  • two pounds golden syrup
  • two pounds granulated sugar
  • one pound butter


  1. Put all the ingredients in a large saucepan (enamel or copper) and melt slowly over a moderate heat. 
  2. Then boil the mixture briskly for about twenty minutes, stirring it continuously. 
  3. Test its consistency at the end of the twenty minutes by dropping a teaspoonful of the boiling mixture into cold water. 
  4. If it hardens at once leaving the water perfectly clear it has boiled to the required degree. 
  5. Remove from the heat and pour the boiling toffee on to a stone slab or shallow dish, previously greased with butter.
  6. Butter both hands and ‘pull’ the toffee into long golden strands while hot. 
  7. Cut into smaller pieces before the toffee hardens.

Parc, Merioneth.

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20 December 2017, 14:12
Definitely going to try this - even without a risk assessment!!