Palaeontology: Holotypes & Lectotypes

Belinurus truemani

Dix & Pringle, 1929
Accession number: NMW 29.197.G1
Collection: Holotypes
Taxonomy: Arthropoda, Xiphosura
Chronostratigraphy: PALAEOZOIC , CARBONIFEROUS , Silesian , Westphalian
Lithostratigraphy: Coal Measures
Locality: ../.. , Europe , United Kingdom , Wales , Glamorgan
Belinurus truemani
Belinurus truemani
  • Dix, E. & Pringle, J. 1929, On the fossil Xiphosura from the South Wales Coalfield, with a note on the myriapid Euphoberia. Summary of the Progress of the Geological Survey, London, for 1928, part 2, 90-114., Type reference, p.94, tex-fig.3