Explore: Climate Change

National Museum Cardiff

Get inspiration on practical ways to bring the grand challenges facing nature to life in our EXPLORE: Climate Change pack. Here you can find lesson plans and templates to use in Outdoor Investigations.


Carbon Cycle Passport






Simulate a molecule of carbon’s movement through various locations in the carbon cycle, before acting out different human impact scenarios.


Measuring Carbon in Trees





Measure trees, calculate the amount of carbon stored in individual trees and describe how forests help mitigate climate change.


Climate Change Snakes and Ladders




Understand the impacts of climate change on urban species and how this can be minimised. Explore the roadmap to carbon neutral urban areas and ones that are resilient to and adapted to the impacts of climate change.


Climate Change Species Trumps









Research, discuss and determine the resilience of species to climate change. Explore what makes a species resilient and what makes a species vulnerable, and compare and predict the response of various species to climate change.