Request database

The Wales and Borders Radiocarbon database is supplied as a spreadsheet, created in Microsoft Excel 2002, although other formats may be available on request. If you have read and accept the /curatorial/biosyb/conservation/staff/, a copy can be obtained by sending an email to:

It would be appreciated if you could include a note summarising what use you have for this dataset, for this may guide our future plans for database development.

Please note, the project reserves the right to incorporate elements of your email into future promotional literature.

Why not deliver the database online? Online databases generally allow the user access to a small amount of data at a time and it is often difficult to import that data into analytical software. Since this is a dataset that can only be understood through active interrogation of large amounts of information it is provided here as a spreadsheet.

How to cite the database
Burrow, S. and Williams, S. (2008) 'The Wales and Borders radiocarbon database'. Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. [Available from:].