Bella Dicks

Contact Details

Professor Bella Dicks
National Museum Cardiff

Cathays Park, Cardiff
CF10 3NP

Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3247

Staff Name

Professor Bella Dicks

Job Title

Head of Research

Areas of Responsibility:

To develop research activities that will support Amgueddfa Cymru’s vision, and help build a more active research culture. I work one day a week at Cardiff University, where I am Professor of Sociology.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

BA English and Italian (Reading); MA Communication Studies (CNAA/Sheffield Hallam); PhD Sociology (University of Wales, Cardiff).

Member of the British Sociological Association. Joint editor of the academic journal Qualitative Research (published by Sage).

Research Interests

Academic interests centre on the sociology of heritage, community, collective memory, museums, place, social class and qualitative methodology. I have a particular interest in museology and visitor studies.


Visitor studies, museology, heritage, collective memory.

Selected Publications

Dicks, B. (ed.) 2011. Digital Qualitative Research Methods, 4 volume Major Work, London: Sage (SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods series).

Hurdley, R. and Dicks, B. 2011. In-between practice: working in the ‘third space’ of sensory and multimodal ethnography, Qualitative Research, 11 (3), 277-292. 

Dicks, B. and Hurdley, R. 2009. Using unconventional media to disseminate qualitative research [PDF], Qualitative Researcher 10, 2-6.

Dicks B. 2008. Performing the Hidden Injuries of Class in Coal-Mining Heritage, Sociology, 42 (3), 436-452. 

Scourfield, J., Dicks, B., Drakeford, M. and Davies, A. 2006. Children, Place and Identity, London: Routledge.

Scourfield, J., Dicks, B., Holland, S. and Drakeford, M. 2006. The significance of place in middle childhood [PDF], The British Journal of Sociology, 57(4), 577-596. 

Dicks, B., Mason, B., Coffey, A. and Atkinson, P. 2005. Qualitative Research and Hypermedia: ethnography for the digital age, London: Sage. 

Dicks, B. 2004. Culture on Display: The production of contemporary visitability. Open University Press. 

Dicks, B. 2002. Heritage, governance and marketization: A case-study from Wales [PDF]. Museums and Society 1 (1).

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Dicks, B. 2000. Heritage, Place and Community, Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

Dicks, B. 2000. Encoding and decoding the people: circuits of communication at a local heritage museum, European Journal of Communication (1.077) 15 (1), 61-78. 

Dicks, B. 1999, The View of our Town from the Hill: Communities on Display as Local Heritage', International Journal of Cultural Studies, 2 (3), 349-368.

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