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Contact Details

Dr Beth Thomas
Social & Cultural History
St Fagans National Museum of History


Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3426

Staff Name

Dr Beth Thomas

Job Title

St Fagans Development Advisor

Areas of Responsibility:

Providing strategic leadership for the department’s collecting, research and interpretive activities to ensure they are of the highest standard and achieve the greatest benefit for the people of Wales; working collaboratively with others to deliver projects that have the maximum possible impact. Content leader for the redevelopment of St Fagans as a National Museum of History.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

B.A. (Hons) Welsh (University of Wales Aberystwyth); PhD Welsh Sociolinguists (Cardiff University); Vice Chair and former Chair of the Oral History Society; Oral History Society Regional Network Representative, and Committee member since 1990. British Library Sound Archive/OHS accredited oral history trainer. Member of the Museums Association and the Association of European Open-Air Museums (AEOM).

Research Interests

Oral history, Welsh dialectology and sociolinguistics, open-air museums and museology in general with a particular interest in co-production and public history.


Oral history, audio-visual archives, dialectology, sociolinguistics, open-air museums, museology, co-production, public history, participation.

Selected Publications

Thomas, B. & Burrow, S. 2014. Changing St Fagans: what would Iorwerth Peate say? In Kristović, N. (ed.) Founding fathers: international yearbook. Belgrade: Sirogojno open-air museum, 229-50.

Thomas, B.  & Williams-Davies, J. 2011. A Mirror to the Nation: museums reflecting changing identities.  In Greg Chamberlain (ed) Museums and Meaning: idiosyncrasy, individuality and identity.

Thomas, B. (ed.) 2002. S.M. Tibbott Domestic Life in Wales, University of Wales Press/National Museum & Galleries of Wales. 164 pp.

Thomas, B.  2000. Golud y Gorffennol? Cofnodi'r Tafodieithoedd. In Geraint H. Jenkins a Mari A. Williams (eds.) ‘Eu Hiaith a Gadwant'? Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 405-420

Thomas, B.  2000. The Riches of the Past? Recording Welsh Dialects.  In Geraint H. Jenkins and Mari A. Williams (eds) 'Let's Do Our Best for the Ancient Tongue', University of Wales Press, 421-438.

Thomas, B.  1998. ‘Tyfu Mâs o’r Mæs’: Pont-rhyd-y-fen a’r ‘æ fain’. In Hywel Teifi Edwards (ed.) Cyfres Y Cymoedd: Llynfi ac Afan, Garw ac Ogwr.  Gwasg Gomer. 

Thomas, B.  1997. Cytiau Chwain a Phalasau Breuddwydion / Fleapits and Picture Palaces. Llyfrau Amgueddfa Cymru, Caerdydd.

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Thomas, B.  1980. Cymrêg, Cymraeg: Cyweiriau iaith siaradwraig o Ddyffryn Afan.  Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 28, 579-592.