Christian Baars

Contact Details

Dr Christian Baars
Collections Services
National Museum Cardiff

Cathays Park
CF10 3NP

Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3302

Staff Name

Dr Christian Baars

Job Title

Senior Preventive Conservator

Areas of Responsibility:

Care of collections held at National Museum Cardiff (Archaeology, Art, Geology, Library, Natural History, more than 3 million objects): improvement of storage conditions; management of storage environments, air quality, pest management, housekeeping, and emergency preparedness.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

  • Geology, Bremen University and Southampton University 1994-1996
  • Environmental Biology, University of Wales Swansea, BSc 2000
  • Geochemistry/Palaeontology, Cardiff University, PhD 2004
  • Care of Collections, Cardiff University, MSc 2017
  • Associate of Museums Association (AMA)
  • Treasurer of the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries in Wales
  • Trustee of the National Museum Wales Pension Scheme
  • Member of Institute of Conservation (Icon)
  • Member of UK Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM UK)
  • Member of Geological Curators Group
  • Member of regional mirror group on European Standard prEN 15898:2017 ‘Conservation of cultural property – main general terms and definitions.’
  • Grant reviewer for European Research Council (2013).
  • Senior Preventive Conservator, National Museum Cardiff, 2014 – to date
  • Project Manager: Linking Natural Science Collections in Wales, Federation of Museums and Art Galleries in Wales, 2012 – 2014
  • Technical Research Officer, Department of Geology at National Museum Cardiff, 2004 – 2014
  • Research Assistant, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, 2004
  • Laboratory Assistant, Department of Geology, Bremen University, 1995-1996

Research Interests


Care of collections, storage, air quality, environmental management, IPM, vibration, geology.


Selected Publications

Baars, C. 2018. Volatile organic compounds and the conservation of inorganic materials: book review. Journal of the Institute of Conservation 41: 90-91.

Baars, C., Horak, J. 2018. Storage and conservation of geological collections—a research agenda. Journal of the Institute of Conservation 41: 154-168.

Henderson, J., Baars, C., Hopkins, S.E. 2017. Trends in effective communication of integrated pest management data. ICOM-CC 18th Triennial Conference, 2017 Copenhagen.

Kebria-Ee Zadeh, M.-R., Ghobadi Pour, M., Popov, L.E., Baars, C., Jahangir, H. 2015. First record of the Ordovician fauna in Mila-Kuh, eastern Alborz, northern Iran. Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences 64, 1-19.

Baars C. 2013. Conservation of pyrite damaged ammonite type specimens at the National Museum of Wales. Journal of Natural Sciences Collections Association 1, 34-37. 

Baars C., Rhebergen F., Popov L. 2013. Rugose corals and sponges from a post Ordovician extinction fauna in Kazakhstan. Paläontologische Zeitschrift

Baars C., Ghobadi Pour M., Atwood R. 2013. The earliest rugose coral. Geological Magazine 150, 371-380. doi: 10.1017/S0016756812000829.

Baars C. 2012. Rugose corals from the Upper Ordovician Sholeshook Limestone of Wales. Geological Journal doi: 10.1002/gj.2474. 

Ghobadi Pour M., Popov L.E., Zadeh M.R.K., Baars C. 2011. Middle Ordovician (Darriwilian) brachiopods associated with the Neseuretus biofacies from Eastern Alborz Mountains, Iran. Memoirs of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists 42, 263-283. 

Baars C. 2009. Acid digestion of silicified shells [PDF]. The Geological Curator 9, 27-31. 

Baars C., Jones T.H., Edwards D. 2008. Microcosm studies of the role of land plants in elevating soil carbon dioxide and chemical weathering [PDF]. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 22, doi:10.1029/2008GB003228. 

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