A woman working on an antique textile.

Contact Details

Kim Thüsing
Collections Services
St Fagans National Museum of History


Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3449

Staff Name

Kim Thüsing

Job Title

Senior Conservator Textiles

Areas of Responsibility:

Textile Conservation, collections management, exhibition installation, preventive conservation.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

  • MA (joint Hons) History of Art/English Literature (University of Edinburgh), 1997.
  • 3-year post-graduate Diploma in Textile Conservation from the Textile Conservation Centre (in affiliation with Courtauld Institute of Art and University of London), 2000.
  • Member of ICON (formerly UKIC) since 1997
  • Treasurer of ICON textile section (2015 – present)

Research Interests

Investigation into the original appearance and history of a Court Mantua; The research aims to assemble more information and gain greater knowledge about one of the most important objects in the museum’s textile collection.  The mantua has still not been reliably dated; if that were possible, through comparative study of design, lace patterns, analysis of the composition of metals, study of archives, we will be a in a better position to know its original appearance and may even be able to establish it as one of the earliest embroidered mantuas. 


textiles, costume, embroidery, quilt making, collections management, preventive conservation, mount making.


Selected Publications

‘The use of coloring media for the localised coloration of support fabrics in order to camouflage areas of loss in textile conservation’, In: Preprints to a conference organised by the Institute of Paper Conservation held at the Tate Gallery 5-6 June 2000: Toning Materials for Conservation.