Adam Gwilt

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Adam Gwilt
Archaeology & Numismatics
National Museum Cardiff

Cathays Park, Cardiff
CF10 3NP

Phone: +44 (0)29 2057 3374

Staff Name

Adam Gwilt

Job Title

Principal Curator: Prehistory

Areas of Responsibility:

Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age Collections; early metals (gold, copper, bronze, iron); La Tène (Celtic) Art; prehistoric treasure cases in Wales; treasure administration in Wales; Co-Project Manager, Saving Treasures: Telling Stories Project (HLF funded); Content Group Member, Caerleon Redevelopment Project; Co-Director, Llanmaes Archaeological Research Project.

Qualifications, memberships and relevant positions

BA Single Honours Archaeology (Durham); Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London; Audit & Investment Committee Member of the Royal Archaeological Institute. 

Research Interests

Aspects of social identities, beliefs and depositional practices within early metalworking societies, with particular emphasis on the material cultures of western Britain. Through investigations of ongoing treasure discoveries and PAS reported finds, investigating burial, hoarding and votive practices, publishing on Bronze Age gold, early copper and bronze-working traditions and discoveries of Celtic (La Tène) Art. Publications focus on Late Iron Age tribal and elite identities and their varied responses to the Roman world. Currently co-ordinating post-excavation research on excavations of an Early Iron Age feasting site and midden at Llanmaes and linked settlement and burial excavations.  


Neolithic; Chalcolithic; Bronze Age; Iron Age; Bronze Age gold; copper; bronze; iron; metalwork hoards; religious & votive practices; societies & cultural identities; La Tène (Celtic) Art; treasure discoveries; feasting; midden; western Britain; burial practice; cauldrons; tankards; chariots; radiocarbon dating; specialist reports; radiocarbon dating programmes; Burton Hoard; Langstone Hoard; Llanmaes; South Wales type axes; torc; bracelet; Western British Frontier; Atlantic Europe connections.

Selected Publications

Gwilt, A, Lodwick, M., Deacon, J., Wells, N., Madgwick, R. & Young, T. 2015. Ephemeral Abundance at Llanmaes: Exploring the residues and resonances of an Earliest Iron Age midden and its associated archaeological context in the Vale of Glamorgan, In Koch, J. & Cunliffe, B. (eds.), Celtic from the West 3; Rethinking the Bronze Age and the Arrival of Indo-European in Atlantic Europe, Oxford: Oxbow Books. 

Jones, N.W. & Gwilt, A. 2014. Excavations on the Site of the Former Welshpool Smithfield and the Welshpool Roman Burial, Montgomeryshire Collections 102, 1-52.

Gwilt, A. 2013. Bone Artefacts, In Hughes, G. & Murphy, K., Fan Foel round barrow, Mynydd Du, South Wales: archaeological excavation and palaeoenvironmental analysis, 2002-04, Archaeologia Cambrensis 162, 121-5. 

Gwilt, A., Lodwick, M. & Worrell, S. 2013. Reporting finds, sharing treasures: Bronze Age metalwork discoveries from Wales [PDF], PAST 75, 10-12. 

Gwilt, A. 2012. The Mold Cape; A Prehistoric Masterpiece from North-East Wales, Amgueddfa Cymru- National Museum Wales / Wrexham County Borough Museum exhibition booklet. 

Lodwick, M. & Gwilt, A. 2011. Concluding Seasons of Fieldwork at Llanmaes, Vale of Glamorgan 2009-2010, Archaeology in Wales 50, 33-40. 

Nowakowski, J., Gwilt, A., Megaw, V. & La Niece, S. 2009. A Late Iron Age neck-ring from Pentire, Newquay, Cornwall, with a note on the find from Boverton Vale of Glamorgan [PDF], Antiquaries Journal 89, 35-52. 

Gwilt, A. & Lodwick, M. 2009. The ‘champion’s’ portion? Prehistoric feasting at Llanmaes, Current Archaeology, 233, 29-35. 

Davis, M. & Gwilt, A. 2008. Material, Style and Identity in 1st century AD metalwork, with particular reference to the Seven Sisters Hoard in D.Garrow, C. Gosden & JD Hill (eds), Rethinking Celtic Art. Oxbow Publications, 146-184.

Gwilt, A., Lodwick, M. & Deacon, J. 2006. Excavation at Llanmaes, Vale of Glamorgan, 2006Archaeology in Wales 46, 42-48. 

Webster, P.V., Gwilt, A. & Horak, J. 2006. Iron Age Pottery, In Barber, A., Cox, S. & Hancocks, A., A Late Iron Age and Roman Farmstead at RAF St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan. Evaluation and Excavation 2002-03, Archaeologia Cambrensis, 155, 71-81. 

Gwilt, A. 2004. Late Bronze Age Societies; Tools and Weapons, In M. Aldhouse-Green & R. Howell (eds.), The Gwent County History; Volume I – Gwent in Prehistory and Early History, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 111-39. 

Lodwick, M. & Gwilt, A. 2004. Cauldrons and Consumption: Llanmaes and Llyn Fawr, Archaeology in Wales 44, 77-81. 

Timberlake, S., Gwilt, A. & Davis, M. 2004. A Copper Age / Early Bronze Age gold disc from Banc Tynddol (Pengeulan, Cwmystwyth Mines, Ceredigion), Antiquity, 78, Project Gallery

Timberlake, S., Gwilt, A. & Davis, M. 2004. A Copper Age / Early Bronze Age gold disc from Banc Tynddol (Pengeulan, Cwmystwyth Mines, Ceredigion), Antiquity, 78, Project Gallery

Gwilt, A. 2003. Understanding the Iron Age: towards an agenda for Wales, In Briggs, C.S. (ed.), Towards a Research Agenda for Welsh Archaeology; Proceedings of the IFA Wales/Cymru Conference, Aberystwyth 2001, BAR British Series 343, Oxford: Archaeopress, 105-22. 

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