Re-creating life in early Wales

Below is a selection of artists impressions showing scenes of everyday life in Wales. Images range from the Palaeolithic, when humans first set foot in Wales, through to the Roman Conquest. Click on the images below for more detail.


19 February 2021, 20:19
Excellent info. As a Caerwent resident is it possible to purchase the Alan Sorrel impression of the site please? This is for private use only.
Sara Huws Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales Staff
19 October 2015, 09:37

Hi there Frances,

Thanks for your enquiry. Please contact our Image Licensing Officer for more information about copyright and licensing - I will email over the details now.

Digital Team

Frances Vargo
18 October 2015, 10:23
I am a picture researcher working on a children's reader for use in schools, entitled 'Roman Life in Britain'. Please will you advise whether you own the copyright of the Caerwent Basilica/forum reconstruction by Alan Sorrell and whether the image would be available in high res.? And how much would you charge for supply and reproduction fee (world rights, all languages, print and digital)? Many thanks, Frances Vargo
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