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National Museum Wales has launched a new iBook that will help learners to link their ‘real’ Museum experiences with the Museum’s digital collections to enhance their digital skills.

The iBook invites learners to explore what education was like for children in Roman times, why only the rich were educated and how differently girls were treated from boys - issues which are still very relevant to the world today. It features a film created by learners from Lodgehill Primary School, which is a great example of how learners can use a visit to the Museum to inspire creativity and enhance their digital skills.

The book was developed by the Museum’s learning team as part of a series to link our popular facilitated sessions with the digital competencies required for the curriculum in Wales.

It is suitable for Key Stage 2 learners and uses Roman objects to explore numeracy and literacy – but in a Roman classroom style! It can be used as a stand-alone resource or to complement the ‘Grammaticus - Roman Classroom’ role-play session offered at the National Roman Legion Museum.

Learners can use it as a stepping stone to source accurate information and the Museum’s digital collections for their own creative digital projects.

Come and meet us and Lodgehill Primary School at the National Digital Learning Event to learn more about the project. Register your place now!’

Use the link below to view and download the iBook.

Roman School

Danielle Cowell

Learning, Participation & Interpretation Manager (NRLM)

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