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Shoots are appearing!

Penny Tomkins, 11 January 2022

Hi Bulb Buddies,

Thank you for sharing your weather data and photos! We’ve been posting ‘comment of the week’ on Twitter and I’ve shared these with you here.

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments and hearing your observations on the weather. It’s exciting to hear that some plants have started to grow! I’ve shared some of your comments below.

Remember to watch your plants closely over the coming weeks, to see how they develop. We only ask for height measurements on the website once the flowers have fully opened. But you could keep a record of your plant’s weekly growth for fun?

In the coming weeks we’ll be analysing the data entered so far to predict when our plants might flower! Please enter all the data you’ve collected so far to the website as soon as you can, to help ensure that our predictions are as accurate as possible.

If you’ve missed some days or you aren’t taking part in the project but would like to follow it with your school, the MET Office WOW website can be used to collect and share weather readings for your area.

Please share photos, drawings and information on actions you are taking around climate change with us through email and Twitter.

Keep up the good work Bulb Buddies,

Professor Plant


Your Comments:

Hendredenny Park Primary: Rain gauge fell over and thermometer broke. Prof Plant: I’m sorry to hear your thermometer is broken, do you have another you can use? If not let me know and I will send you a new one.

Glyngaer Primary School: Very wet and rainy this week.

Pil Primary School: There was a lot of rain at the beginning of the week and the temperature was very cold this week.

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: We have been having a lot more rain this week and has been colder.

Pil Primary School: The temperature was nearly the same all week. There wasn't much rain, only on Monday.

Darran Park Primary: It has been very cloudy this week. With a bit of misty rain.

Oaklands Primary: A wet week this week and a few more bulbs are peeping through the soil. Prof Plant: Fantastic Bulb Buddies, I’m glad to hear that your plants are growing.

Darran Park Primary: The weather has felt quite cold this week. We had more rain at the beginning of the week.

Our Lady of Peace Primary: My data entering elves are self-isolating!

Gavinburn Primary School: We have loved keeping weather records this term. It has been a mild Autumn with not a lot of rain. Merry Christmas Professor Plant.

Glyngaer Primary School: Not sure yet but we think we see a tiny bit of green in one of our pots. Looking forward to checking when we get back from Christmas holidays. Prof Plant: Fantastic Bulb Buddies, let me know if you were right!

Oaklands Primary: Quite a warm week this week. We’re hoping it’ll be colder for Christmas!!


School Weather Observations

Penny Tomkins, 7 January 2022

Hi Bulb Buddies,

Thank you for sharing your weather data to the website. I’ve attached some of your comments below. It’s interesting to hear your observations on the weather and I’m excited that so many of your plants have peeked through the soil.

Keep up the good work Bulb Buddies,

Professor Plant


Your Comments:


Carnbroe Primary School: We have found that 6 of our plant have green shoots.

St Michael's RC Primary: We aren't in school today so we are submitting now in case we forget later!

Ysgol Y Ddwylan: Diweddglo sych i wythnos gwlyb.

Fleet Wood Lane Primary School: Not that much rain this week. Last day of school today! see you next year. p.s merry Christmas and a happy new year!

St Mary's Primary School (Cardiff): The daffodil bulbs started to grow. We have put some leaves on top to protect them from the cold.

Ysgol Deganwy: Four more plants have started to come out of the soil.

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: Temp is rising and we are getting a bit more rain. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Llanharan Primary School: Colour starting to show on some of the Crocus

Glyngaer Primary School: It was very damp and it had been a bit stormy.

Sandal Castle VA Community Primary School: We had snow on Monday 29th November! Prof P: I hope the snow was fun Bulb Buddies!

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School: This week our rain-gauge froze this week. Prof P: That’s exciting Bulb Buddies. Did you thaw the ice to take your rain measurement?

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: The rain is starting to appear, and the temp is dropping.

Pil Primary School: It rained all week and it was quite cold.

Hendredenny Park Primary: We were late on Tuesday so we did it at half past two instead.

St Michael's RC Primary: The sky looked a funny colour today, we thought it would rain or snow but it was dry all day.

Henllys CIW Primary: Some of our bulbs are trying to push through.

Our Lady of Peace Primary School: It was very cold on Monday and lots of rain on Wednesday!

Ysgol Deganwy: 1 plant has started to grow by 1cm.

Moffat Academy: This week was dry and sunny but the temperature was quite cold and windy. The week went fast.

Moffat Academy: Rainy week but the rain collector was tipped over frequently. On Monday we had a snowy day.

Fleet Wood Lane Primary School: It has been cold this week!

Cilfynydd Primary: We think we have more than the mystery bulbs growing. Prof Plant: That’s exciting Bulb Buddies. I’d love to see a photo of your mystery mystery bulb!

Glyncoed Primary: Some of our bulbs have started to grow.

St Mary's Primary School (Cardiff): We are starting to see that some plants are starting to grow now. Hopefully these will grow fully soon!

St Patrick's Legamaddy: More of a wet week this week with Storm Barra.

St Joseph's Cathedral Primary (Swansea): Our plants were affected by the heavy wind. Some of the soil has been blown out of the pots and some of the bulbs are showing. We will put some soil on top again. Prof Plant: Welldone for looking after your bulbs Bulb Buddies!

Ysgol Deganwy: 1 more plant has started to grow.

Oaklands Primary: It was quite a wet week but still warmer than last week. We have noticed that some of our bulbs are starting to peep through the soil!

Glyngaer Primary School: It was much colder than the temperature we recorded. It was very windy and it made it feel very cold.

Oaklands Primary: It's been a really dry, but very cold week here. We've had frost and we are hoping for some snow on the weekend.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School: This week has had high and low temperatures!

Oaklands Primary: We hope that our bulbs aren't getting too swollen by the rain. It's been a wet one here this week! Prof Plant: I’m sure your bulbs will be Okay. If you notice water collecting at the top of your pots the soil may be saturated and you could tip the excess out.

Ysgol Chwilog: diolch am help efo talgrynu

Gavinburn Primary School: There wasn't much rain and it was fun learning how to do the weather records. Prof Plant: I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the project Bulb Buddies.

Glyncoed Primary: We were not in school on Thursday and Friday so didn't collect any data.

Gavinburn Primary School: It was a mild week. We enjoyed doing the weather records.

Glyncoed Primary: Our Mystery Bulb has sprouted!!

Willow Green Academy: Gradually got colder as the week went on.

St Michael's RC Primary: It’s felt much colder this week!

Willow Green Academy: Rainfall early Monday Morning. No fall after.

St Michael's RC Primary: It feels like there’s been more rain than there actually has! Prof Plant: It sounds like you’ve had a drizzly week Bulb Buds.

Our Lady of Peace Primary School: It was very cold today!

Darran Park Primary: The weather has been sunny and dry for 4 days and on Friday the temperature has dropped and it has rained.

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: It’s been a cold week especially on Thursday - they say we have snow forecast for next week! Prof Plant: Was the forecast right Bulb Buddies? Have you had snow?

Pil Primary School: It has been very cold and windy this week and there was no rain. We have enjoyed recording the rainfall and temperature this week.

Canon Peter Hall C of E Primary School: All done before midday.

Ysgol Tudno: Do we empty the rain gauge every day? Prof Plant: Yes please Bulb Buds, empty the rain gauge after taking your readings Mon-Fri.

St Joseph's Cathedral Primary (Swansea): Everything has been ok this week. We need to make sure that children don't move our plants.

Outwood Primary Academy Kirkhamgate: It was windy. It was cold. It snowed at the weekend. We saw the green tips of five shoots. We covered some of the bulbs with more soil as they were not covered. We are working as a team in school. Prof Plant: Fantastic Bulb Buddies, keep up the great work!

Llanharan Primary School: We have started to see daffodils and crocus begin to sprout in several of the pots.

Fleet Wood Lane Primary School: Merry Christmas PS-thank you for the card

Pil Primary School: The temperature didn't change much this week. We liked reading the thermometer this week.

Hendredenny Park Primary: On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we took the measurements late because we were practising our Christmas concert.

Outwood Primary Academy Kirkhamgate: It feels cold. It's windy. DRY. It's been damp.

Logan Primary School: It has been quite mild weather this week.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School: It was a very wet week!

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School: We love our garden gang!
Our Lady of Peace Primary School: Sorry we're late we didn't know how to send this information at first, but we've got the hang of it now. Prof P: Well done Bulb Buddies, keep up the good work.

Gavinburn Primary School: It was a very dry starter week. We enjoyed doing the weather records

YGG Tonyrefail: It's been a dry week. Wythnos sych yr wythnos hon!

Henllys CIW Primary: Sometimes there is dew still in the pot in the afternoon and not rain.

Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School: It was drier this week.

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: What a dry week! The temperature seems to be dropping.

Canon Peter Hall C of E Primary: Data taken between 9 and 10 in the morning.

Glyngaer Primary School: It was grey, boring, damp, drizzly, cloudy and gloomy. Although it drizzled all week our water gauge didn't collect even half a mm of water.

Pil Primary School: The weather has been very mild this week with some rain. We liked recording our results!

Carnbroe Primary School: No shoots as yet.

Our Lady of Peace Primary School: The temperature was higher on Thursday and Friday than usual!

Cilfynydd Primary: We have one plant pot with two plants growing. They are starting to grow really tall. Prof P: Fantastic news Bulb Buddies!


Weekly Weather Data

Penny Tomkins, 10 November 2021

Hi Bulb Buddies, 

I hope that planting day went well and that you are enjoying documenting weather data for our investigation. 

I want to say a big thank you to you all for your hard work on planting day. Together we planted over 10,000 bulbs across the UK! Your fantastic planting day photos show that you had a great time.  

Weather records started on 1 November. There is a resource on the website with more information on keeping weather records. I’ve attached this here in case you haven’t already seen it. This resource helps you to answer important questions, such as why rainfall and temperature readings are important to our investigation into the effects of climate on the flowering dates of spring bulbs.  

Use your Weather Chart to log the rainfall and temperature every day that you are in school. At the end of each week, log into your Spring Bulbs account on the Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales website to enter your weekly readings. You can also leave comments or ask questions for me to answer in my next Blog. 

Let me know how you get on and remember that you can share photos via email or Twitter. 

Keep up the good work Bulb Buddies, 

Professor Plant 


Comments shared with the first week of weather data:

Stanford in the Vale Primary School: This week was frosty and we had some frost in the morning. We’re looking forward to seeing the weather changes.

Oaklands Primary: Hi Professor Plant - it's been a dry but cold week here in Aberaman. Our first frosty day on Monday, lovely sunshine after a very rainy Hallowe'en which washed away all our labels. Luckily, we know which way round our bulbs were planted and we decided as a class that we'd make sure we look after everyone's pots so it doesn't matter that they are not individually named at the moment. Phew! See you next week!

Ysgol Penalltau: Diolch am y bylbiau, ond dim glaw yr wythnos yma!

Pil Primary School: It has been very cold and dry this week.

Darran Park Primary: The weather is a lot colder and drier this week

St Josephs Cathedral Primary: No rain records as rain gauge was lost. We have found this now so will take records from next Monday.

Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant: Roedd y glawiad yn uchel dydd Llun oherwydd fod llawer o law wedi syrthio dros hanner tymor.

Toddler Time

Dan Mitchell, 6 August 2021

If you ask a primary school child what they did that day in school, they’ll often enthuse most about what they did at play time.  Play time is the time they get to decide what happens. They choose the games, the toys, even the players, within the safe parameters given them. And within these parameters, they are learning. Learning how to move and what they are capable of physically. Learning how to act socially, through sharing and caring. Learning how to deal with emotions when the game doesn’t always go their way. Playtime is vital.

And the learning starts long before school. Toddler Time is one of my favourite regular events that the museum runs. It’s a chance for parents to bring their little ones for some supervised play in a quiet, safe environment. We’re just there to assist, play a little, and give exhausted parents an extra pair of eyes on their little ones. The best part is that we get to use the resources the learning team has and put together a different themed experience every time.

If it’s jungle day, we set out the room with jungle themed soft play decorations.  Soft logs for toddlers to climb over, green fluffy rugs to crawl over. We can then bring out the animals: the tigers, the monkeys, the elephants. Children can play with them, making their own stories and adding their own sounds and movements. Even if a child isn’t talking yet, copying sounds and movements helps them learn.

Its not just movement and sound that children love. Touch is vital for early learning. Young children love to explore items with their hands, or even their mouths, so our toy boxes are filled with simple, easily cleaned blocks for them to examine. We have many thematic sensory boxes, filled with soft fake fur, rough leathery fabric, and all sorts of wonderful textures for the little ones to touch and feel.

When the children are played out, it’s time for a story. We have a huge collection of beautiful children’s books, related to our themes, which can be performed in a lively or calm manner, using audience interaction or not. The one thing we’ve learned is how to read a room.

While things are different at the moment, with certain parts of the museum still closed, we’ve managed to put together lots of online resourcese for the little ones. We’ve got stories, arts and crafts activities and lots of silly movement and rhyme in both Welsh and English to keep you going until we fully reopen.



Fossil Hunting at Llantwit Major

Louise Rogers, 4 August 2021

Llantwit Major beach in the Vale of Glamorgan is a popular, rocky beach, backed with impressive cliffs.  With views across the Bristol Channel towards Minehead on a clear day, it is a stunning and inspiring location.  However, more importantly to you & me, Llantwit Major beach is one of the best places in Wales to find Jurassic fossils and is a treasure trove of undiscovered delights for fossil and nature explorers alike.  So, on a cloudy afternoon, armed with my kit and sketchbook, I visited my favourite beach, to see what I could find…

The cliffs at Llantwit Major experience regular rockfalls which have sadly resulted in fatalities, so although it may be tempting to look for fossils within the recent rockfalls, it essential that all fossil hunters stay well away from the cliffs!  As I walked towards the beach, this rockfall was out of sight, but within a few yards, there it was. A timely reminder to stay clear!

So, what did I take with me? Well you certainly don’t need a truck load of scientific equipment or a palaeontological assistant when fossil hunting! This is something that everyone can do with simple kit and a keen eye.

Before heading out hunting however, here are some things to consider:

  • Check the tide times before you visit.  It is safest to start your fossil hunting on a falling tide so that you don’t get cut off as the tide rises.
  • Wear suitable footwear and clothing. Good, sturdy footwear is essential on this rocky terrain and be prepared for sudden changes in weather conditions.
  • Fossil hunting can be thirsty work so it’s a good idea to bring some snacks and fluids to keep your energy levels up.  The nearest café could be some distance away!

My kit

  • Sturdy shoes.
  • Drinking water.
  • Kitchen roll to help carefully clean interesting finds.
  • Things to document my experience, such as a sketchbook, a notepad, my phone (for the camera function), a ruler, pen and pencils.

I decided to walk to the left, at a safe distance from the cliff. The landscape here is varied and rocky, perfect for rock pools and fossil hunting.

I had a quick scan of the shale before looking at the boulders.  The most common fossils found on this beach are likely to be molluscs such as ammonites and bivalves, although you might spot fish remains or even ichthyosaur bones if you’re lucky!  You might also see beautiful examples of more modern shells.  As I approached the larger boulders, I spotted some markings that looked like an ammonite, so I decided to investigate further.

I drew a simple sketch of my find and measured its size with my ruler.  I also used my phone to take a photo of the locality with my finger pointing toward the fossil.  This is a very simple way of documenting the location of interesting specimens so you can easily find them again if needed.                                      

Eager to find more, I headed further down the beach.  The boulders here become more fragmented and a particular one caught my eye.  I’d found another ammonite impression! However, I decided not to risk hammering the rock around my find as this often damages fossils rather than removing them nicely.  Imagine the feeling of accidentally destroying something that has been preserved for millions of years in a second with a wayward blow – it’s too much to bear!  I decided to leave this fossil exactly where I found it. Llantwit Major is sadly becoming over collected, and I believe that this example should be left for others to enjoy. I hope you find it if you visit!

If you find any fossils or items of interest, please contact us at the museum via our website.  We love seeing your discoveries and our team of experts will happily help you identify your finds and provide further information.

Remember - everybody can be a palaeontologist!

Happy hunting!

To find more resources to help you with your exploring why not check out 

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