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Big Pit National Coal Museum’s Intergenerational Group

Sharon Ford, 3 June 2020

In July 2108 the first Intergenerational Group was held at Big Pit. The aim of the group is to bring old and young together, to break down the barriers which exist between generations, whilst also supporting members of the community who may be experiencing or living with dementia.

Each monthly group has a different theme, and people from all ages come together to share their experiences and memories, to sometimes learn something new, to visit a new place or just for a cup of tea and a natter.

We have a number of old and young volunteers, including some who are living with dementia.

The couple you see here are Gavin and Kim. Gavin is a younger person with dementia who has recently come on board as an operational volunteer for the group, and who has also led group art activities.

 From the early sessions, a noticeable improvement in people’s confidence has been observed, and willingness to share skills, ideas and information has grown week upon week. Many friendships which span generations have been made, with people arranging to take part in social activity outside group sessions.

If you would like to join the group as a volunteer, or would like more information about the group, please contact the Volunteering Department

In partnership with Blaenavon Town Council, supported by Blaenavon Hwb Youth Setting and Western Power Distribution.

Here are some quotes and feedback from members and their family:

“[My Mother] has been telling me all about it and I got the impression she had a great afternoon…she was really pleased with her drawings depicting the pit…she’s done more drawing the last couple of days than I’ve seen her do for years! She loves meeting up with people she knows too for a good chat”

Feedback from the daughter of a participant of the Blaenavon Intergenerational Group. The lady has recently suffered a stroke which has affected her eyesight so she has lost some of her independence.

“I always love coming to the group. You always make us feel special, and being with the children is lovely. They give you a different outlook. You can feel lonely in the home, even with lots of people around you. I can’t thank you all enough”

Resident of care home. Regular attendee of the Blaenavon Intergenerational Group.

Sharon Ford

Learning, Participation and Interpretation Manager (Big Pit)
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