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Covid stories: “We have had tears and laughter”

Family of three, Rhyl, 30 June 2020

A family’s contribution to the Collecting Covid: Wales 2020 questionnaire project.

[We] get up, have breakfast. Mum logs onto work computer and checks work for the day. Son aged 8 gets up, generally wears pyjamas or a onesie for comfort, eats breakfast and watches one gaming episode on YouTube, starts school work. Mum starts work and supports with schoolwork. We have three breaks per day usually and pack away at 4pm and have tea. We then either watch TV or play games until bedtime.

We have been using Nintendo ring fit for exercise… Recently we have been told we can go out for exercise but be careful. Have since spent time on the local beach when the weather is nice for an hour or so a day. Father works away - keyworker ship captain in Belgium working to support electricity production. I work as a civil servant (mum). This has been very challenging to juggle work and school and childcare alone. Often it is lonely and very hard work.

Son has not seen another child face to face for 4 months. He is missing his friends and school… We have had to adapt, it has been difficult and it has taken its toll on our mood on lots of days. Home schooling is hard as mum’s job is demanding and especially so during the pandemic. Son has more school work than usual because the onus is on completing work, rather than teacher pupil learning journey. We have had tears and laughter but ultimately, with two weeks to go (son’s school not re-opening until September) we have done it and we are very proud of ourselves.

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