Bloedd – Young People’s Voices

What is Bloedd?

In Welsh, ‘Bloedd’ translates to Shout.

Welcome to Bloedd, a collective at Amgueddfa Cymru that’s made up of young people aged 16–30. This is a space for you to collaborate with the Museum and develop projects and deepen your knowledge about art, heritage, culture and identity through exhibitions, events, workshops, publications and more!

There are three strands you can get involved in as part of the Bloedd collective.

Bloedd Socials are an opportunity to meet your peers, go on after-hours tours and workshops hosted by ACPs, museum staff or freelancers often exploring areas of the museum closed to the public.

Amgueddfa Cymru Producers (ACPs) are offered paid opportunities to work alongside museum staff to develop a variety of youth-led projects, challenge institutional structures, platform your voice within the museum and engage with communities.

Trawsnewid, our monthly LGBTQ+ group for young people meet regularly for talks and workshops exploring queer identity, art, history and heritage in Wales. The sessions take place online and across museum sites. The group is for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ aged 16-30.

We want to be as approachable as possible, please get in touch if you have any questions by emailing Follow us on Instagram to keep updated on all things Bloedd!