Young People at Amgueddfa Cymru

Multicoloured map of Wales with 'Bloedd AC' written on top

A little bit about us

At Amgueddfa Cymru we want to place the past in the hands of future generations and work with young people to talk about what’s relevant.

We want to showcase the diverse talent we have here in Wales and beyond and make sure we tell the (hi)stories that are relevant. As a national museum we want to be a space for debate and activism; honest and unafraid to take a stance. We want to nurture creativity and discourse, and offer heritage alongside new ideas and art.

Through our collective, Bloedd Amgueddfa Cymru, we work alongside 16–25 year olds to experiment, create and innovate.

Young people take the lead to design and deliver programmes for themselves, and for all audiences, at Amgueddfa Cymru. They take lead on opportunities to showcase their work and ideas and develop skills and experience in heritage and the arts.

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