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Spring Bulbs for Schools Investigation

Join the 1,000s of young scientists taking part in a climate investigation with Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales.

Young scientists across the UK are adopting daffodil and crocus bulbs to study the effects of climate change. The investigation improves science and numeracy skills by getting pupils out of the classroom planting, observing, and keeping weather records. Each year 175 schools across the UK take part. The project is delivered in English and Welsh and suitable for learners in cities, towns, and rural locations. This long-term study began in Wales in 2005, expanded to England and Scotland in 2011 and Northern Ireland in 2017. In the academic year 2025-26 we will be celebrating 20 years of the Spring Bulbs for Schools Investigation! 

Professor Plant and Baby Bulb are the animated figure heads for the investigation. They invite pupils to take part, answer pupils’ questions and share resources and blogs throughout the duration of the project.


Free to all schools in Wales. Schools must register in the summer term – to take place in the following Autumn.

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Dates: Sept - March