Explore: Pollution

National Museum Cardiff

Get inspiration on practical ways to bring the grand challenges facing nature to life in our EXPLORE: Pollution pack. Here you can find lesson plans and templates to use in Outdoor Investigations.


Pesticide Games: Pollinator Game









This game illustrates that invertebrates like bees cannot detect which flowers have been contaminated with toxins, and that pesticides can affect the health of bees and their colony.


Pesticide Games: The Peregrine's Fate







This game explores how toxins like pesticides accumulate in the food chain.


Pollution Calculator







Use online software to project the impact that planting or removing trees would have on levels of particulate matter pollution across different parts of the UK.


Particulate Matter Testing




Define particulate matter and analyse it, compare levels of particulate matter in test areas and discover the sources of pollution before suggesting ways to improve air quality.