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So you want to be a gladiator?

Roll up roll up! Get ready to be amazed, awed and astounded! From Spartacus to Russell Crowe’s Maximus, the gladiator has always aroused a sense of fear and excitement. Now there’s a chance to step back in time and experience life as a Gladiator at the National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon in the Roman garden on Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 July, 10am-5pm.

In the arena visitors will be able to witness some of the finest gladiators this side of Rome itself! There will be an opportunity to watch the gladiators training then decide who will be your favourite! Fighting for the Blues - Celatus the Murmillo and Amazonia the Gladiatrix! And for the Reds – Achillia the Gladiatrix and Lupis the Retiarius! Celatus and Amazonia are heavily armoured, and will do anything to win, but Lupis and Achillia are fast and strike like darting snakes. Who will triumph in the arena?

Why not join the gladiator school on the day and learn how gladiator fights started and what customs surrounded them! There’s also a chance to browse some of the stalls at the Roman market that come to town when the gladiators arrive. The doctor, the traders and food stall - plenty of things to spend a few denarii on between shows. There’s plenty of fun for all the family!

Event prices: Adults £3 and children £2. Under 5’s free.